With production concluded in Nigeria, and for a kick off soon, the sitcom is gradually becoming one of the highest watched comedy series on cable TV and terrestrial TV stations. The sitcom revolves around Jenifa, an illiterate but successful young lady, who tries to live a good life despite her inability to speak and communicate well in English Language. Funke Akindele created the sitcom and will return as executive producer of the sitcom “#ANTICIPATE #Jenifasdiary new season coming real soon!!!,” Funke dropped on her Instagram page.


Jenifa’s Diary is a Nigerian television comedy series, created by Funke Akindele. The series is part of the Jenifa franchise, based on a naive and funny character of the same name. Jenifa’s Diary has 14 seasons and is currently[when?] active and ongoing. The series tells the story of a native village girl Jenifa (played by Funke Akindele) who desperately wants to get out of her ratchet way of life. In her desperation, she leaves her village and goes to the city of Lagos in order to get a proper education. Toyosi, an old friend is left with no choice than to accommodate her despite the visit being unannounced.

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Jenifa is unsuccessful with her education but she gets a job at Nikki’o salon on the Island with the help of her friend Kiki, becoming very successful in her hairstyling career. At Nikki’o salon, she meets another stylist, Segun (played by Folarin ‘Falz’ Falana), who becomes interested in her. She at first rejects him, but later accepts his proposal after he goes to America. They get engaged

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in recent stride of success as well,the Nollywood actress Funke Akindele grabbed millions of persons attention after a meme was made from tchidi chikere’s movie, pretty liars. The why are you running meme which features funke akindele running dramatically from a man who requested for his money will go down as one of the greatest memes out of the African continent with over 11 million views as of this write up.

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