3. Ademola Adedoyin

Ademola Adedodyin is new to the Entertainment industry, and is widely becoming famous for his Nollywood performances. he is the son of Samuel Adedoyin, CEO od Doyin Group of Comapnies. This family has been known for over four decades for their wealth.

Ademola Adedoyin studied Film Directing at Central Film School, London has a Masters degree in Media and Communication from the Metropolitan University of London

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Ademola Adedoyin and his billionaire industrialist dad, Samuel Adedoyin [Instagram/Demola.Adedoyin]

4. L.A.X.

Damilola Afolabi, popularly known as L.A.X.  is the son to billionaire business man, Taiwo Afolabi of the Sifax Group. He seems to be one of the most humble celebrities around, with all the riches accredited to him and intellect as well. He has an undergraduate and Masters degree from The Stanford University.
L.A.X. is the son to billionaire business man, Taiwo Afolabi [Instagram/KingRasaki]

5. Neato C

Rich and super talented musician Naetochukwu Chikwe, known as Naeto C entered into the music industry about a decade ago. he is the son of foremost politician and former minister of Aviation, Kema Chikwe. He studied Biology in the George Washington University and has a Masters degree in Energy studies from the University of Dundee, Scotland.

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