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Police IG Idris Unable To Read His Speech In Kano (Embarrassing Video)


Police IG Idris Unable To Read His Speech In Kano (Embarrassing Video)In what appears to be a humiliating show of shame, the IG of Police was allegedly in Kano on Monday for the commissioning of the Force Technical Intelligence Unit and could not read his own speech.

The internet has been set on fire, after an embarrassing footage catches police IG Idris struggling to read his speech, and making multiple errors and unable to pronounce words.

According to reports, the public event was going well, up until the moment he was called upon to read his speech as for some unknown reasons, a man of his calibre failed to deliver.

The video captures Idris making a mess despite receiving help from a currently unnamed man who provided help by reading it to him as he repeated after the good Samaritan, using the microphone.

Watch the video below;

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