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“Ignore him”- Nina says as Cee-C and Tobi struggles to work together


Big brother niaja housemate Cee-c appear to be unable to work with Tobi to accomplish their task following the recent drama in the house.

It was quite difficult for Tobi, Cee-c and Nina to put their presentation together, as Cee-c refused to  tell Tobi about the story she was working on initially.

Nina later advised her to ignore him but she revealed that Tobi was not the issue but the ‘energy’ in the house was.

In the diary room, they all told Biggie they don’t think they’ll ever work together without any personal feelings getting in the way. Cee-C being the most vocal on the ‘united front’ point and pointing out that it’s almost impossible to omit personal feelings; with Nina highlighting the fact that the House is a kingdom divided.

When quarrels and misunderstandings are the talk in the House, Alex, Cee-C and Tobi’s names pop out.

And although the trio has tried to iron out their differences, nothing seems to have changed.

Watch the videos below;

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