Eniola Badmus Releases Davido’s Babymama To ‘Go And Sin No More’

Eniola Badmus has finally forgiven Sophia Momodu, and this comes days after the mother of Davido’s daughter took to SnapChat to body-shame the actress.

It all started when Sophia Momodu took to her page to namedrop the fancy places she bought snacks from, and Eniola asked why she didn’t opt for elite eateries, like “Red Lobster, Olive Garden, or even Apple Bees?”

Assuming that to be a diss, Sophia unleashed vitriol on the actress, mocked her body and accused the actress of begging for sex.


The actress, who is a close friend of Davido’s, has taken to her SnapChat to announce that she has forgiven the vocal mum.

“Go and sin no more,” she told Sophia.

Here’s what she shared:

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