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Millionaires share their top 7 tips for effective time management

How to organize your day effectively? If you want to know millionaires secrets, this article will give you the best multimillionaires tips on time management

Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, and Chalene Johnson. Everyone who desires to be successful knows these prominent names of leading influencers and entrepreneurs. These and other people have already written over twenty New York Times bestsellers. Moreover, they have already hired thousands of people. These multimillionaires possess a combined net worth of over several billion dollars.

time management

Multimillionaires share secrets on time management

Undoubtedly, these people have one common thing. They know how to make money using time management. Do you know how to organise your day effectively? Today multimillionaires share their secrets on effective time management.

Top 7 multimillionaires time management tips

To be successful, everyone should structure own day. It will help you to produce your best work and become the best in what you do.

Tip 1: Get up as early as possible

time management

Multimillionaires share secrets on time management

We are sure that you have already heard this advice hundreds of times. However, it is one of the leading millionaires’ secrets. It is not necessary at all to get up at five a. m. It will be enough to wake up at least 10 minutes earlier than you usually do. This time will be enough to do morning exercises and plan your day earlier.

Tip 2: Always plan you day

time management

When you start getting up earlier, use this time to decide how your day will go. You should be proactive about your time than reactive. If you begin your day reading emails from other people about their agendas, it will disrupt your own. According to effective time management, you must always point out top five priorities for the day. Get thorough focus on the most valuable tasks. You should run your day, and not vice versa.

Tip 3: Divide your day into blocks

time management

Undoubtedly, all millionaires have completely different days. One mutual denominator is that all of them Divide their days into certain blocks. For example, there might be a block for creation, an email block, physical training block, block for thinking, family block, etc. Please note that you must never mix up blocks. On average, a millionaire has from seven to 12 daily blocks. Of course, you should also have doing-nothing-block.

Tip 4: Eat the frogs first

time management

Eat the Frogs First. It means that you should always perform the most important and difficult task first in the morning. It is one of an essential time management tips

Tip 5: Do not overwork

time management

Always remember that all people have the same amount of hours in a day. Therefore, if you feel that you are running out of time, stop everything. Think about why you do not have enough time to complete your task, analyze it, and make all the necessary homework to avoid such mistakes in future. Those people who know how to make money used to make mistakes in the past.

Tip 6: Try to use your gadgets an hour per day

time management

The Internet and all contemporary gadgets are the most timewasters. Your time is priceless. Therefore, make it a rule to use mobile phones as seldom as possible. Of course, it will be very difficult first. However, in a month you will realize how much time you have saved for that time for other important issues.

Tip 7: Discover what exactly works for you

Every day millionaires discovered what worked best for them and said, “Screw it” to everything that does not matter. For example, many successful people work at night hours. Time passed by. Nowadays these people are rich. They have already stopped caring too much, about what other people think about them. Instead, they focus on the practices that helped them best do their work. By improving themselves, they change the world.


Now you now the basic multimillionaires secrets on time management. These are not difficult things at all to complete every day. Just start making these simple steps and your life will change to better in the nearest future.