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With these 9 words, a lady will always be happy with you


Every woman want to feel S3@.x:’y anytime they are with their guy, so we bring some word that can easily make her feel S3@.x:’y.

Naijaloaded bring the words that can make her feel S3@.x:’y below;

1. Enticing. After all her very presence draws you in effortlessly, doesn’t it?

2. Tell her she’s captivating. It’s not just about her curves and smoking-hot body, there’s something about the entire package, the entirety of her femininity which totally captures your imagination.

3. Tell her she’s alluring if you feel her S3@.x:’iness actually drawing and luring you to her. This is not as bland as just saying she is S3@.x:’y.

It gives it an extra meaning.

4. Call her sensuous when the flirtation gets really deep and it is only a matter of time before you both seal the deal.

Calling her this shows her the picture that you do not find her S3@.x:’y just for the sake of it. You find her S3@.x:’y and you’d probably give anything to unravel that S3@.x:’y.

5. Call her fascinating. This is another word that shows that she is S3@.x:’y to you not just because of her impressive body features. It’s more than that.

6. Call her ravishing. This portends a S3@.x:’iness that is at least three times more intense.

7. Call her charming if her S3@.x:’iness holds you spellbound. Enchanting works just fine here too.

8. Call her sultry if you need a direct word to replace S3@.x:’y.

9. Call her irresistible. The word explains itself and she will get the point that you really do try but her S3@.x:’iness is too potent and keeps pulling you back.