After seeing this prison cell, you would want to go to jail (Photos)

If this was what a typical prison cell looked like, would you want to be imprisoned?


The Tacumbu jail known as one of the most violent prison houses in Asuncion, Paraguay, housed lots of starving inmates with riots breaking out from time to time.

One of South America’s most feared drug lords, a Brazilian identified as Jarvis Chimenes Pavao, was indicted for money laundering and was given a jail sentence of 8 years. He was supposed to serve it out in the overcrowded Tacumbu prison in Paraguay.

Paraguay prisonInmates at the Tacumbu prison

Pavao decided to ‘pimp out’ his cell, upgrading it to what is now known as a ‘VIP cell’. The drug lord’s room had a plasma screen television, a modern kitchen, fitted wardrobes, a conference room, air conditioner, tiled walls, modern furniture and a library with complete DVD collections that included all episodes of a television show about Pablo Escobar.

prison roomThe conference room

Pavao was basically ‘living the life’ in prison before rumours that he was planning to escape began to circulate.

Suspecting that he was planning to detonate a bomb in order to escape through the prison walls, investigators moved into the cell to search for the explosives, but were stunned to see he had adapted to living a life of luxury behind bars instead.

drug lord

Pavao during his arrest

Pavao’s lawyer said her client’s lifestyle in prison was proof of how deeply corrupt the Paraguayan prison system was. She also alleged that about ‘six or seven justice ministers and six or seven prison directors’ took bribes from her client, as well as prison directors and guards, and also claimed Pavao paid for the renovation of the prison library and the cook’s salaries.

Pavao’s lawyer’s revelations, earned the Justice Minister Carla Bacigalupo, an immediate sack.

See more photos of the cell below:

prisonHis wardrobe
prison vip roomprison vip room
prison bedroomPavao’s bedroom
prison cupboardHis shoe shelf
prison kitchenPrison kitchen

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