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Harrysong Is Adamant That His Latest Song Was Not To Diss Kcee


Reggae Blues singer, Harrysong has stated that he is a man of peace but his issue with Five Star music was blown out of proportion in a recent interview . He claimed his new song is not a song aimed at insulting his former employers.

Watch Harrysong Put Incredible Dance Skills On Display In ‘Arabanko’

 “If you have listened to some of my songs, you would notice that they have stories. I use my songs to tell stories. I think so far, the deepest song I have sung is Reggae Blues. The truth is that Reggae Blues was meant to be the kind of song that would make you just sit down and think about your life but we turned it into a song that would make you dance and forget about your sorrows. In the chorus I said, ‘Even your boo has a boo’. Is that good news? My new song, Arabanko is not a diss song. It is just a feel good song from a deep mind. It is just a happy song,

Harrysong also exposed his weakness when it comes to music. The artiste said that he could dabble into any genre of music except one. “I cannot rap to save my life. The few times I tried it in the privacy of my house, my friends told me to shut my mouth because I was just doing rubbish. I can handle all other genre of music except rap,” said the singer.

Shortly after the death of Nelson Mandela in 2013, Harrysong wrote a tribute which later became one of the most downloaded caller tune of the year and it earned him a lot of money as well as awards and accolades.

He told Saturday Beats that it was a very emotional period in his life and at a point, he began to cry.

Harrysong said, “That was the first time I experienced two new things in my life, because at that point I was going through a lot in life. It was a period when I was writing a lot of songs for people and when someone said I should do a tribute for Mandela, I replied that I had never met him before in my life but I heard the news of his death on the television. So many artistes had done various songs for him but I remember that on that day we were waiting for someone to come for their studio session,  I was advised to seize the opportunity and sing the tribute song for Mandela because I was inspired by his story and he was not only loved in South Africa but the whole world.

“After a week I was informed that the song had trended on social media and I was also told the amount it had fetched. I remember that I was in my house when my manager called me to tell me the good news and eagerly said that we were going to the Grammy award because of the song. He shouted, ‘see money’ and we were very excited about the development.  He told me to leave my house and meet him at a location fand rom there we went shopping and he took me to some other places. From there, I was supposed to perform somewhere in the north and I was crying all through that journey. I remember that Kcee had tried several times to get me a pass for Headies award,  but with that song, I won an award. It was a privilege to sing the song.”

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People Are Talking About What Yung6ix Said To Akpororo Over The N3.9M He Spent On Drinks

A new war is raging between Akpororo and Yung6ix, and it has already degenerated into a nasty situation after the rapper’s DJ dragged the comedian’s family into messy affair.

Drama started The comedian recently mocked the rapper because he claimed to have spent over N3.6milliion on drinks in the club.

Recall we had earlier reported that popular rapper Yung6ix claimed to have spent over N3.6milliion on drinks in the club.

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Since then, many have reacted to the news negatively.

Comedian Akpororo went further as he took to stage to mock Yung6ix during a recent performance. He said instead of spending that money on drinks, why doesn’t he spend the money to get himself a hit song?

Obviously, Yung6ix wasn’t having any of it and he took to Twitter to speak his mind.

Here are his tweets below:

Surprisingly, DJ Timmy Yung6ix’s hype man also came out to share some damning secrets about Akpororo and his wife.

Here’s what people are saying:


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Anthony Joshua Intends To Get Married In The Next 10-12 Years And Here’s Why

British-Nigerian boxer and World heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua has revealed that he doesn’t have much time for girlfriends as his training regime doesn’t leave him any spare time, hence he definitely won’t be settling down anytime soon.

In an interview with Evening Standard, Anthony said;

“If people can ride with me for the next 10 to 12 years I would really appreciate it, but if they can’t foresee the future I’d rather they jump off the boat because I can’t stop for no one right now.
“I was speaking to my coach, who worked with Carl Froch who had a 12-year career. One day it does finish and now he has all the time in the world to think about business, family.
“Not everyone likes the decisions I make but I’ve got to make my own decisions. Decisions I make impact others. And my time training means there is not much time for girlfriends either.”


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Here’s Why Wizkid Wants His Fans To Pray For Him

Award winning Nigerian music star, Ayo Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid has come out to reveal the bad condition of his health, as he cancels some of his international shows.

Wizkid on Monday, September 4, took to his Twitter handle to apologize to his fans for cancelling some of his shows.

The music star also seized the opportunity to urge his fans to pray for his as he intends spending his sick times with his sons until he recovers.

His posts reads:

“If I die today, I die a legend. Mad times. Apologies to my fans in Philly! Missed made in America yesterday but will make it up in a major way. New music b4 London show! Love y’all forever. I’ll be spending time with my sons’ and family while I recover!! My next appearance will be in London, September 29. Apologies to everyone affected by dates for canceled shows soon. Sad I’m typing this but I’ll be moving dates on my tour to get my health up. I appeal to my real fans to understand and pray with me.” 

Here’s what he shared:

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