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Twitter lady shares 11 ways ladies can identify a fake Lagos big boy


This Twitter thread should be titled: ‘The fake lives of Lagos big boys’ or something similar because while it is hilarious, it also says some very true things.

A Nigerian Twitter user, with the handle: @duchesskk recently generated a lot of engagements when she exposed the several ways you can easily spot a fake Lagos big boy.

Below are the tweets:

This is how she began:

Then she went in on them:

1. The ones whose cars are always at the mechanic

Their cars are audio we never see them.

2. The ones who are squatting in Lekki

He always has friends ‘visiting’ his one-bedroom apartment. Always.

3. His bank always has issues

Only his bank has issues every week. He is the only one using the bank, right?

4. Always carrying empty glass around in the club

Some even carry empty red cups, forming Moet gang.

5. The ones that lie that they are travelling

Uncle, how are you in Oshodi, but your Instagram location says London?

6. Always borrowing their friend’s car

Why not just say the truth, sir? The car is not your own.

7. The ones always claiming ‘I just got back’

Carry your fake ‘innit’ accent and go, please.

8. ‘Bring your own bottle’ party, they will buy the cheapest drink

Some just come to steal.

9. Always ‘famzing’ celebrities

10. Lies always come to their big mouths

Tell him to send a picture of the gift at least.

11. They are always sharing business cards

Every single time he has a proposal for you or your family members.