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Ladies!!! Here are 5 types of guys you should never


The pressure to “mingle” when you’re a single lady is on a whole other level, especially if you’re the only one among your friends who doesn’t have a man. Everyone is constantly trying to hook you up with someone and what not.

You might even be tempted to give into a guy you’re not necessarily feeling just so you get them off your back and not look like they’re doing you from your village, and this is the wrongest thing you can do to yourself.

No matter how bad the pressure gets, there are certain types of men you shouldn’t be caught dead dating – for your own safety, peace of mind and general well-being.

1. The Baby Daddy

Run! Run!! Run!!! Nothing says trouble more than a guy with a baby by another woman. Unless you’re prepared for baby mama drama and you don’t mind him abandoning you in the night, mid-coitus, because she called saying their child is down with something (which is probably not true), then you might want to retrace your steps.

Plus, there’s always the possibility that he would want to marry her eventually because he wants a “perfect” family for his child.

2. Mama’s Boy

This one is up there on the list of guys you should never ever fall in love with. Not only will mummy be the standard, the benchmark to which you’re going to be constantly measured by, you’ll also find yourself competing with mummy for his love and attention, and mummy always wins – no matter how hard you try.

3. The Upcoming Musician

There are plenty of them in Lagos. Sister girl, unless he has something else going on the side, you should run for your life because, kolewerk! You’ll find yourself paying for endless studio sessions and on the rare occasion that he “blows”, he’ll abandon you for a more red carpet perfect honey.

4. Mr. Clingy

This one calls you every second of the day – when you’re eating, while you’re taking a dump – every single second! In the beginning, this might seem cute and all but beware, this is very dangerous behaviour. You’re never going to be able to get a breathing space and he’s most probably going to pick a fight every time a guy as much as looks at you.

5. The Braggado

You have most probably met him. Mr I-Have-Five-Houses-In-Lekki, Mr My-Container-Is-On-The-High-Sea. He offers all this information at your first meeting without you even asking. Half the time, he is really just an empty barrel, and when he’s not, he can’t see beyond his container on the high sea.