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Tboss’s brother and Tunde Ednut cannot stop fighting. Here’s what the latest one is about

TBoss’ brother, Christopher Idowu who called out ace Nigerian music producer, Tunde Ednut, over what he wrote about his sister, leading to subsequent fall outs on social media, is on Instagram calling out Tunde Ednut, who shared a report this morning, which alleged that Christopher, is a serial woman beater who forced his ex to have an abortion, and also exposed some alleged dark secrets no one knows about the Idowu family.

Here’s what Tunde Ednut wrote, when he shared the report;

“Aaaaaaaaaah! NO WONDEEEEER. SO TBOSS’ BALD HEAD BROTHER @christhova IS A SERIAL WOMAN BEATER 😵. KARMA IS A BASTARD: 3 former colleagues of Tboss’ brother, expose him as a serial woman beater who forced his ex to undergo numerous abortions”

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Reacting to this, Christopher wrote;

“@tundeednut now it’s me u wanna use to get traffic 😂😂😂😂 I hope your friends that stopped u from committing suicide when your last career failed are still around. You’d need them.”

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His fans, of course, supported him as they took their time penning lengthy comments.

Read some of the comments:

lapinky014And the Fool @christhova blocked me!!! Na thunder go faya dat him bald head! He for leave me nah if u got heart! Stupid mofo make i use my oda account enter d imbe

kenzubby4769E Don happen.. chizzydboss@tundeednut you be sharp guy ooh, no one mess with you and go away with it….

stephany_modellifeHonestly that family is doing more harm to the indebted TBoss… How the F**.Ck is she gonna get the endorsement she is Craving for when she has so much hate and the cheap attention seeking bros and sis be going around seeking for more hate for the poor girl😉 No Brand wanna Associate with one with so much hate because it will infect the brand with such hate😝, I mean How many times have they seen Efe, Soma, Bisola, Marvis, Debbie rise, etc’s Sis or bros post on something? Abeg Na only TBoss Go BBNaija house no be Idowu Family… I hate to say this but you guys need Urgent Medical Attention.
nikkiznina@tundeednut no oh, pls don’t call karma Bastard oh, I love karma, I love her so much (cos I’m certain it’s a she). She knows how to disgrace people who throw stone from glass houses, she’ll wait for You, just when you start forming holy holy and saint she’ll come for you with her full fangs. That’s just what is gonna happen to this white rat called Chris. Look who has been wagging his mouth on the internet, when he’s worse than kemen. Stupid family filled with fame whores! Infact I’m going to follow those chics now and beg to disgrace this boy, see the way he’s been on kemens case , one will think he’s a saint. Next is gonna be Tboss sister, her own disgrace is gonna fly from Romania to the internet soon. Bitter human beings.

chukslike@otunbaabiodun my thoughts too
official_suzzy@lapinky014 My dear their family na Blockees dey r so good at dat…i wonder how dey will steal d fame tho 😩😩
halimasucreSheet #Madthing

kashamboo@lapinky014 u tell am word were pain am reach him bone marrow
mawzbrany@adeolaogundijo@el_brwn please you guys should just be looking at her, and allow her show the level of her reasoning.The only thing I wonder about lately is how happy Nigerians are to bring down their fellow Nigerians. Social media has just taken the wrongest turn in our lives, and I do not know how this country will progress. See the way you analytically insulted a whole family, without fear of God. Sooo sad sha. I unfortunately don’t av any insult to dish back to U, dat will only portray me as unruly, and I will be no better than you are. abimbolaa_tiny PLEASE I just hope our future leaders are not somewhere on social media doing the same thing you are doing, then it will be a pity on this country.

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These photos were taken in July in Maryland when Banky W and his family had a family reunion and also took another set of photos to include his brother who missed his introduction ceremony to Adesua Etomi.

And just like it was during his big day with Etomi in May this year, his brothers stepped out all decked in white, and they clustered around their brother, giving him their own version of the ceremony which extended family and friends already performed in Nigeria.

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Here Is Why Daddy Freeze Thinks Beyonce Deserves No Respect


Daddy Freeze has expressed his anger towards Beyonce who just clocked 36 because she cut ties with her father after he cheated on her mother and yet stuck with her ‘cheating’ husband.

In his words;

I have no respect for Beé, Absolutely none!
This man gave up everything to give her a career! He quit his job, sold his jaguar to make her what she is today and because he cheated on her mum, she cut him out?

Beé is staying with her own cheating husband while cutting ties with her father because he cheated on her mum? 😳How ironic!

Look at the Kardashians everyone has rubbed off the success of Kim, Caitlyn Jenner is not even Kim’s biological father and look at how far he/she has come with $100 million to his/her name!

Kim is worth $175million, while Khloe is worth $24 million, Kylie $50million, Kendal $18million, Rob $6million, Scott Disick $16million, Kourtney $35million, Kris $60million, Brody Jenner $10million.

Now guess what Beé’s only sister is worth? A measly $5million dollars and look at how miserable her father is..😢

The Knowles, unlike the Kardashians are not a power family, they’re just a one horse Beyoncé race, nothing but a low down dirty shame, that while the Queen Bee of the beehive soars to dizzying heights, her family wallows in mediocrity……by the way Jay z’s album sold platinum in one week, yaaay🙄! ~FRZ

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