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See the faces of the men who killed an Uber driver in Lagos


Innevosa Emmanuel, an Uber driver, was said to have been strangled to death by two men in Ogba, Lagos state.

As a result of the death of the Uber driver, Osaro Egbomrewen and Michael Eyeoekpe have been arrested by the police as suspects.

Fatai Owoseni. the Lagos state police commissioner said the arrested suspects pretended to be passengers while ordering the taxi using the Uber application.

The late Uber driver had taken them to their location in Ikeja when they instructed him to take them to Oke-Ira in Ogba. During the course of the trip, the suspects ordered the driver to make a U-turn and take them to Oremeji street, Obawole area of Lagos.

Osaro and Michael, the two suspects.

We gathered that it was at that point that he was strangled to death with a belt and the KIA RIO salon car he drove was taken away. The vehicle’s plate number was marked KTU 594DM.

The plan of the suspects was to sell off the car to an unsuspecting buyer. However, their plan did not fall through as the police began to trail them. While the investigation was going on, the vehicle was tracked because a complaint had been lodged about a missing driver and his car.

The faces of the men who killed the Uber driver.

One of the suspects confessed, he shared how the inhuman act was carried out:

“I and Michael met at Ogba where I went to drink and we became friends. I told him how difficult things were for me that I needed to relocate to Benin to start all over again. It was at this point that Michael told me about a deal that could fetch me some money that we could get a car and then sell it to his boss. Michael then told me about one Alex (Emmanuel) who had a vehicle and we agreed to meet the following day.

Since then we had been meeting and discussing how to buy the vehicle. On the fateful day the Uber driver came, I was with Michael in his office and his friend Destiny was with him but I don’t know if he discussed the vehicle deal with Destiny. Around 9:30p.m, we called the Uber driver to come and pick us at Tantalizer eatery at Ogba. I and Destiny were inside the vehicle with the driver, but Michael was outside while I was holding the belt. Immediately I put the belt across the driver’s neck, Destiny dragged the belt and we strangled him.

When we were satisfied that he was dead, we took his corpse to Oremeji Street and dumped him in front of a church around 10:30 p.m., without anybody noticing us. After killing the driver, we took the vehicle to Michael’s boss to sell it. The buyer then inquired from us where we got the vehicle from and Michael told him that we killed the owner. The buyer then said we should take the car away and Michael said we should take it to his house and park it outside, before taking it to another buyer in Benin. Later we were tracked to Benin, arrested and brought back to Lagos”.

We finds it awful that service providers are being attacked in the course of carrying out their duty. The killers of the Jumia delivery man in Portharcourt have been arraigned in court.