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Lol! See how long Nigerians calculated it will take Tboss to finish her 500k


Nigerians are not giving Tboss any chances as per how she is going to spend the N500, 000 that she won from Payporte, for winning the overall PayPorte Challenge.

Memes have been flying around on social media. The Twitter and Instagram about the just concluded Big Brother Naija Reality TV show.

A Big Brother Naija fan calculated how long it will take TBoss to finish the 500,000 Naira cash gift she got from Payporte. Earlier on in the show, Tboss had said that she was going to spend the coveted BBNaija prize money in just one week.

See their calculation below:

Another one wrote on Facebook:

“If TBoss would spend 25M in 1 week, how long would it take her to spend her 500k? (show your working)


25M = 1 week

500k = x weeks

x = (0.5 * 1) / 25 = 0.02 weeks

1 week = 7days, 0.02 weeks * 7 = 0.14 days

1 day = 24hrs, 0.14 days * 24 = 3.36 hours or 3hrs

21mins 3 secs =500k just like that (APA lon jebe)”