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He Did Not Only Took My Virginity, But My Life Too – Read True Life Story A Poor Girl


Today, January 4th marks the 173rd day since I was raped, i have’nt told anyone about it.

I was walking along a busy street in my city, at 9pm, after going to the library for some studies.

I was shoved into a alleyway, and held against a fence wall, while the perpetrator shoved a knife against my throat and undressed me.

He then thrust his cock into my asshole, thrusting deeply, and then withdrew, blood and pain coming from my ass.

I screamed helplessly, and he threatened to shove the knife up my asshole if I screamed again, before resuming his thrusting activities on me.

During this event, the knife rubbed against my throat, leaving a few marks and a few drops of blood to collect.

He finished, left me there, in a dark alley, with my anus bleeding and my shame bruised and broken.

I sobbed for a minute, and then i regained my composure, cleaned myself up, and walked home.

I then cried for three days, not attending classes, not eating or sleeping. I was emotionally and mentally defeated and defenseless.

Today, After having a test, I discovered at the doctors office that I am HIV Positive. As I am immune suppressed, I only have two years to live.

He did not only took my dignity, but my life too.

Right now, am left to answer the question of the purpose of my existence.

To whoever you are (The Rap!st)… I hope it was fuck!ng worth it, you fuck!ng a$shole

I hope you die a slow and a very painful death in time.

I hope and pray that you suffer in agony for the rest of your life.

And above all, I hope that before you die, you repent for this atrocity.

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Cullled from Enyo Cole