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“MMM must come back” – See 14 reasons Nigerians are saying so


MMM participants are eagerly waiting for the return of the Ponzi scheme which froze all accounts in December 2016.

Members were promised that their accounts will be frozen after one month.

Many Nigerians were of the opinion that the money doubling scheme was gone for good and it was not coming back.

On Tuesday, January 2, the scheme on its official Twitter handle, @MMMNigeriaHelp disclosed that participants’ accounts will be unfrozen on January 14.

As members await the unfreezing of their accounts, some have taken to social media to give reasons why the scheme must return and ‘MMM must come back’ is trending on Twitter.

1. It must come back because of recession.

2. Someone borrowed money to invest in MMM and it froze a day after.

3. This one wants MMM to come back so his friend can travel to China.

4. It must come back so that single ladies can get married.

5. Someone believes it will come back because Jesus is watching.

6. It must return to break the jinx.

7. Even if it comes back, people need to learn their lesson.

8. So Nigerians will not run mad.

9. It is someone’s new year resolution.

10. This one just wants it to come back and is not ready to answer why.

11. This one is optimistic that the scheme will come back.

12. It should come back so it can crash for good.

13. Someone has been having sleepless nights.

14. This one wants to know if MMM is now Jesus.

Should people be having such high hopes?