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Couple rain curses on hotel management after power disruption at their wedding reception


A newly-married couple angrily disrupted their wedding reception after a power failure at the venue ’embarrassed them in front of their invited guests’.

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According to reports, the newlyweds had paid for a wedding reception at the Concorde Hotel in Owerri, Imo state, and the wedding had been going smoothly till the power supply went off.

The couple identified as Kennedy and Vivian, and their guests waited for sometime for power to be restored, either via a generating set or via PHCN, but they got angry when neither came on.

The angry groom had tried to find a remedy to the situation by going to the hotel’s front desk to lay his complaint. He reportedly told the receptionist on duty:

You people are not serious, you shut down the light and shut out my personalities. Today is my happiest day and you brought down my happiness? I am not happy with you people. You must pay for this. This has brought me shame and anger. Why is this happening to me on my wedding day. A day that suppose to be a day of joy and look at what has happened to me. You must pay me back my money. You cannot deliver on the money I paid to you.

Can you imagine the amount of money I paid but what I have received today is insult. This Hotel has messed me up. They have turned down my wedding. Where is the management? They must pay for this mess. I cannot take this rubbish.

The couple’s friends who came all the way from Malaysia and Indonesia, also joined in the argument but were eventually taken away by the hotel’s management after they threatened to sue and even get the hotel shut down.

When asked to comment on the issue, the hotel’s operations manager reportedly said:

This is not your business. I have settled the issue. It is between me and my client.

What would you do?