12yr old girl commits suicide by hanging herself and live streams it (video)


A 12 year old girl named Katelyn Nichole Davis hanged herself on December 30th and live streamed the suicide. She was from Silver Creek, Polk County, Georgia, a student at Cedartown Middle School, and lived with her mother. If you’re interested in watching the horrific video, go here


  1. You should be ashamed of yourself for sharing this video do a write up but don’t share the video you fucking idiots ….Shame on you what I’d this was one of your family members

  2. Worst thing i have ever watch…. And think it was no point of posting anything like this to make a point across about what your kids are up too!!! Be parent n learn your kids behavior if you dont u are doing something wrong as a parent! Im 12 years old killing herself over boy is horrific n at that age i fought over my toys not even look at boy in any type of way…. Sorry lack of parenting n parents should be held reliable for her death. May those kids she mention have peace n that boy dont ever feel bad for her death… May she RIP

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