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MUST READ! 6 Bras Every NIgerian Ladies Needs



When shopping for brassieres, many women are guilty of just picking whichever they feel will suit them and after some weeks of wearing them, they dump or dash them out as they did not meet expectation.

Chanel Ambrose explains in this video that there are different bras for different reasons.

She shares with us the kinds of bras that we should look out for, especially for plus-size women and the different types of bras that we have.

She also talked about their functions and what clothes we can wear on each of them.

Here are some of the bras she mentioned, watch the video below to see why you need them

  1. Plunge bra
  2. Full-cup bra
  3. Balconettte bra
  4. Strapless bra
  5. Pushup bra
  6. Sports bra