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Woman in complete shock after her seeing her newborn baby’s sex is not what she expected


A woman who spent most of her pregnancy expecting one thing got the shock of her life after seeing another.

Kim Guiley, from California, realised, moments after the birth that her baby, Theo, was not the sex she had been expecting.

The parents were in total shock as they find out their baby was a boy

In a moment captured by Kim’s birth photographer, the photo depicted the surprise and delight on Kim’s face when she saw her baby boy for the first time.

In an Instagram post, Kim said that she spent the most of her pregnancy expecting to have a baby girl but she was utterly surprised when they discovered a boy.

In the photo, Kim and her partner, Travis was open-mouthed with their eyes wide.

Kim described the moment, ‘A minute or two after giving birth‘ where she ‘opened the baby’s legs to discover that we had welcomed a baby boy!

I was overcome with shock and joy, as you can see!

Quite a wonderful surprise. What do you think?