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Woman Cries Out After Husband Sniffs Her Privates Everyday to Check if She Has Cheated

A woman is in desperate need for help as her marriage has brought her untold problems owing to her husband’s shocking sexual assault.
*Photo used for illustrative purpose*
A distraught woman has pleaded for help on how to cope with life as her husband is now fund of sniffing her privates to check if she cheated on him.
“I am tired of this marriage that has no trust. Nowadays whenever I come back home my husband forces me into the bedroom where he checks if someone has had relations with me. The habit is now becoming serious and I am contemplating moving out,” she complained.
Apparently, whenever she arrives home, even before she settles down, the first thing her husband does is order her into the bedroom and asks her to strip n*ked. Once nude, he asks to ‘inspect’ her and starts sniffing and carefully studying her privates to examine whether she has been up to no good.
“He issues threats while at it, vowing to kill me the day he will catch me cheating on him,” she told the bemused radio host.
The woman has said the humiliation has become worrisome as she can no longer cope with it. She expressed worry that her children are now wondering why she is always ordered to the bedroom immediately she or her husband arrives home.
She complained about how the man doesn’t give her breathing space; she doesn’t go anywhere without his knowledge, be it to church or even the market. For instance, when she travelled to her parents’ home recently, the man trailed her and ensured she got there without branching off the main route or talking to any man.
Every time her phone rings, her husband must know who is calling before he gives her the go-ahead to receive it.
If it’s a man calling, he either disconnects or keenly listens in. If the call takes too long, he throws tantrums and threatens to beat her up.
The woman claimed she had to seek her pastor’s intervention to prevail upon her husband but he threatened to clobber the man of God, daring her to go and live with him if she was tired of the home. The woman narrated how things had become so bad that she feels like a prisoner, which is why she called the radio station to vent and ask for advice from listeners.
Fellow women called in and sympathised with her with one narrating how she was in a similar situation before she separated with her husband.
“I was forced to part ways with my husband of five years after I discovered he had enlisted the services of some firm to track my phone conversations,” she said.
What really peeved her was the fact that her husband was not faithful and always slept around, yet he was so jealous of her even talking to other men on phone.