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Top 15 Things Nigerian Kids Used to Do in the 80s/90s That Are No More in Vogue



There were many things we grew up doing as teens in the 80’s that does not happen anymore, here is my top 15

1. ‘Bouncing’:

As a young gee bouncing is a must to do (whoever gave it that name?), it involves you walking in a ‘swagly’ manner in such a way to depict big boy. It took years before I stopped (only God knows how) but it was a serious swag then, and was for only boys. Now people just prefer sagging…

2. Hanging Towel:

as a ‘big boy’ then you needed a medium sized bathroom towel hung around your shoulders. You fold your arm and tilt your body towards the side which the towel is hung, you end up looking like a person under a spell but it didn’t matter, you are just demanding some respect from the hood…

3. Lumberjack:

Czech is the name of the game, you were not known as a true hommy if you did not represent with a ‘lumber’, I rocked the red and black most!

4. Santos:

Remember that cowboy shoes that had a revolving spikes at the back? Only the dopest big boys had it then and it still get me sprawling each time I catch a glimpse of it, somehow, it’s gone into the oblivion…

5. Bikes:

There was minimum access to rides then so we had to set our sights low…if you had a BMX or a CHOPPER then you were made of gold…you needed this to ‘soil your roots’ to the ladies in tha hood…now if you brandish a bike then you are a whimp…

6. Fezcap and Walkman:

This pair went hand in hand…having a Walkman was a great privilege, topping up ur head with a nice colourful fezcap would have ladies drooling for you… who wears fezcap anymore? And least I forget; Walkman has ‘walked’ man!

7. Cassette :

Everybody have a ‘must have’ cassette at home. Mine was predator, commando, drunken master, terminator, etc… almost all homes had these and yes, you had to brandish right beside the Tv…

8 Satellite Dish:

This was only for the top dawgs, if you got one of these, you are a very rich man’s son…if you had none, then the one proxy would be used as a landmark… some (like me) would even go far as saying ‘ when you get to that house with satellite, ask for me I will come out… before then I would have padied with the house owners sha o…

9) Lyrics magazine:

It was necessary for you to know your lyrics so as to boast about being informed and exposed…you could give a line or two when you notice the opposite sex, it was like a little intro depicting that you are a gee… so you end up buying a lot of lyrics mag. I suffered from ‘hip hop world’ people hand ehn, it took me a long while before i actually know it was not ‘who shat who nat’, we suffered o, now you just simply go online

10) Stories that touches:

It was a trend then to buy story magazines, examples are Hints, hearts, etc…only God knows where they are now, my elder sister’s room was literally their store room…now who get the time? Just login to nairaland or lib you will see a lot of stories

11. Porn Magazine:

It was a must have, you sometimes pop one in your school bag and use it to form a gee for dem gals (at least I know I did that), now people just go online, no time…

12. Comics:

I was a comic book fan, I still have like 50 somewhere in my dad’s house… we loved reading comics then and some how, we spent almost all our savings on them.

13. Love poems:

There was nothing like text messaging so if you meet a gal you like, u write her a poem and slip it into her hands or her bag, u then wait endlessly for reply…it was exhausting especially if the reply came back negative…no be small something o. But now you can whatsapp, txt, etc…

14. Phone:

Phone was a luxury back then and you could count houses that had them, luckily, mine had but was always locked in my dad’s room, when it rang and my friends happen to be in the house, I felt like an oyinbo man living oyinbo life…lol

15. ‘kitting’:

Whatever happened to our kites? This younger generations dey miss o…kite was a favorite sport then, it was like being a pilot temporarily, people prefer browsing now, to kites