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Throwback to 2001, when Agbani Darego brought Nigeria international exposure (Photos)

Agbani Darego

In November 2001(15 years ago), a beautiful 18-year-old represented Nigeria at the Miss World Beauty Pageant.

Nigerians, and in fact blacks, held little hope for her winning, because there’d never being a black Miss World of native African before.

Imagine everyone’s surprise when she actually won.

We remember everyone celebrating when she was crowned; it was like the whole of Nigeria had won a lottery!

It truly was a beautiful moment for Nigerians, and Africans.

Now, Yoruba mothers fondly call tall, slim girls ‘Darego’, after the queen.

Agbani now models in the USA. In 2012, she graduated with a degree in psychology from New York University.

She also has her own denim clothing line -AD.

Thank you, Agbani!