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S*x Starved Man Drags Wife to Court for Refusing to Have S*x with Him (Photo)

A man has cried out before a court of law narrating how his wife wanted to kill him by starving him of s*x for months now.
Mike Marima and Juliet Kunatsa
A Salaries Services Bureau (SSB) employee has dragged his wife to court for denying him his conjugal rights over his failure to fend for his family.
H-metro reported that the incident which took place in Zimbabwe shocked many during the revelation. Mike Marima alleged that his wife Juliet Kunatsa started denying him s*x in June this year since he was no longer able to fend for the family and depending on his wife for survival.
“My wife divorced me in June this year because I was bankrupt and until now I am still bankrupt.
“We sleep in the same bedroom and share the same bed but we do not do anything because she rejected me.
“I also took a loan from NMB Bank and the money was stolen which also shook our marriage because this issue did not go down well with my wife,” he said.
The wife however accused him of neglecting the welfare of his three minor children and failure to provide for the family needs. They both appeared before the civil court magistrate Sharon Rakafa.
Juliet alleged that Mike does not buy food or pay school fees for the children but each and every day he expects to see food on the table.
“Your worship I want him to pay $300 per month as maintenance for our three minor children because he earns $600 per month and yet he does not buy food for the children or pay school fees.
“Every day I cook for him and I wash his clothes and I do all that using my own money of which the money that I earn cannot maintain the whole family,” she said.
Mike offered to pay $50 as maintenance for his three minor children stating that he took several loans from banks so he could not afford to pay $300.
“Your worship I took loans from NMB Bank and ZIMNAT so there are several deductions done on my monthly earnings such that I would be left with only a very small amount from the $215 that I earn,” he said.
The court finally ordered Mike to pay $135 as maintenance for his three minor children with effect from November 30.