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Stop it! 10 things that girls do during sex that guys hate


We love having S3@.x:’ with you, but there are some things we just cannot stand anymore that you might not know

We get it that men like S3@.x:’ even when its bad, its still S3@.x:’ but we would also rather have bomb-ass S3@.x:’ too. S3@.x:’ that really blows our mind.

These are some of the points that ladies need to pick and be better at. Some of them might apply to you while you might not do any of them in which case, allow me to say congratulations!

To be very honest, men are supremely guilty of some of these but hey! We are here to help each other get better. Here are the list of thing men absolutely loathe that women do during S3@.x:’.

1. She doesn’t know what to do with it

Sincerely, this might be a genuine concern for the lady but I’ll also have you know that it happens with me. Some guys don’t know what to do with a Pu.$$y when they see one, the Pu.$$y is an internal organ, might require some kind of expertise but for a woman, it should be fairly easy.

Ladies, try to learn how to work the d.!ck, avoid teeth as much as possible during bl@.wj@b, educate yourself in the act of pleasuring a man, this also goes for guys as well. Take it easy on the B@.0bs, you’re not milking a cow.

2. She doesn’t want to get involved

This is a cause of bother for a lot of women, it’s what is being called being a log of wood here, she just stays there and allows the guy do all the work. It’s like here is my body, it’s a gift to you while you do whatever you want with it. We want your participation too.

3. The moan is excessive

Yea, we can tell when the moan is over the top, we know you’re enjoying the S3@.x:’ but does the noise have to be that loud? Guys can tell when your soundtrack doesn’t match their input, so please tone it down. We know P@.rn stars are faking it to make the movie good.

4. She doesn’t want to try new things

This can make the bedroom boring, the idea of keeping the bedroom alive is to experiment as much as possible. Move away from missionary and ride or heck even let him hit from the back, make it more alive. If you do this, we will be eating out of the palm of your hands.

5. Over controlling lady

We love it when you introduce a little BDSM into the bedroom but take it easy. Okay, we love you already, don’t try to dictator here. We appreciate your guidance during the S3@.x:’ but don’t make yourself into a demigod when doing it. Don’t undermine him while you talk to him.

6. She doesn’t initiate it

We know we love S3@.x:’ but also you love it as much as we do, so don’t make us the weirdo. You can initiate it first sometimes, how about initiating the blow job first, unbuckle his belt and make him feel good.

7. Lack of Confidence

Being with a lady who has no confidence and cannot turn one on is absolutely demoralising. Timid doesn’t work well for S3@.x:’, it’s not fun when you cannot touch her B@.0bs and you know guys love B@.0bs or even worse, she wants to keep her shirt throughout the damn thing. Confidence can definitely make the S3@.x:’ way more interesting than being timid.

8. All her attention is on the d.!ck alone

We get it, you’re intrigued by it, either the sheer size or the beautifulness of the tool. S3@.x:’ually, we’re more than our d.!ck, there are the balls, the N!.pplss and earlobes. Give them attention too.

9. Faking org@.$m

One of the biggest problem during S3@.x:’. It might be a noble gesture to fake org@.$m due to issues that might not pertain to him, or even issues that are solely his. Faking org@.$m just says he’s doing good meanwhile, he isn’t even remotely doing good.

10. Grab it, don’t be shy

It’s not okay to treat the d.!ck like its made of glass, sometimes use it like you’re in total control. Get a little rough at times.

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An angry woman has told the shocking story of how her husband was found out to have r*ped her own best friend in his home.

The woman, identified as Rukayat, told the story in a letter she sent to Vanguard.

Below is how she told the story:

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Rukayat got a reply after her story was read. Below is the reply:

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“I’m having s*x with my mother-in-law and it’s amazing” – Man confesses

I’m having an incredible and explosive s*xual affair with my mum-in-law, and the s*x is so amazing and I can’t stop…man shares the story online.

A young man has written to a popular s*x and relationship therapist, Deidre, who is also a columnist for The Sun UK newspaper about his addiction to s*xual intercourse with his mother-in-law after an explosive bonking one afternoon which got him hooked to her honey pot.

Below is his story;


Dear Deidre,

I’m having a secret affair with my mother-in-law. She is almost twice my age and we have fabulous s*x.

I got married three years ago. I’m 26 and my wife is a gorgeous Italian girl. She’s 25. When I first went to her house I couldn’t believe her mum’s age. She is 44.

My then wife-to-be told me, proudly, that all her boyfriends had fancied her mum. It seemed a strange thing to say.

That’s the odd thing about marrying someone from another culture — there’s so much that’s different and strange that I didn’t know what to believe. Her mum owns a restaurant.

It’s a small, classy place and my mother-in-law took it on when my wife’s dad passed away. She’s a very smart woman who knows how to run a good business and still have time off to have fun.

My wife covers for her in the restaurant alternate weekends and that’s when her mother is free to see me.

The first time it happened she came to our house where I was alone with our two-year-old son. She said she was checking that I was behaving myself while my wife was away.

I poured her a drink and she pulled up her skirt while she sat next to me. I caught sight of stockings, all lacy and black. That’s something my wife knows I just can’t resist.

We had a couple more drinks then I couldn’t hold back anymore. We had s*x on the sofa while my son slept upstairs.

This is now quite a regular thing. We’ve progressed from suspenders and stockings to bondage and real kinky stuff like I’ve only ever dreamed of before.

I’ve never had this kind of s*x with anyone else and I know I won’t get it again. The s*x is up there in a league of its own but then so is the guilt.

I know this must stop but my willpower is weak.


Below is the reply he got from the relationship expert;

Are you asking for advice or boasting about what you have been up to?

You know what to do.

You must tell your mother-in-law that it’s all been amazing but you must stop now or your son and your wife, the two people you should love the most, will get desperately hurt.

Take control of your life and please don’t let your lust get the better of you.

Maybe you’re fooling yourself that your wife wouldn’t mind.

I bet that she would.

How is your s*x life together?

Show her what you like but also focus on her.

Let go of other distractions and start giving your marriage the attention and love it deserves.

My e-leaflet How To Thrill a Woman in Bed can help.

Above all, think of yor son. Do your utmost to give him the calm loving home he deserves.


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