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Shocking Video of Lagos Boy Who Swore to Become a ‘Yahoo Boy’ When He Grows Up Goes Viral (Watch)

A video clip of a little Lagos boy who swore to be a ‘Yahoo Boy’ when he grows up, has gone viral on social media. What could have influenced this little boy?
The young boy who aspire to be a fraudster
A new video which was posted online by GoldMyne TV which shows a very young Lagos boy swearing that he will become a fraudster (Yahoo Yahoo) when he grows up, is currently making rounds online and has already gone viral on social media.
“Wallaahi, Tallaahi, I must become a yahoo- yahoo boy,” the child who looked no older than 10-years was heard in the video clip.
The clip has sparked a conversation on how children and young adults are easily influenced by their environment.
Sadly, scamming had been glamourised especially through the lyrical contents of many Nigerian hiphop songs. And since music is easily available to young people, this has deeply influenced social interactions, while affecting social behaviours and emotions of the impressionable younger generation.
Watch the video below;