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She Saved My Name with ‘Mr Small Dick’ – Man Shares Heartbreaking Story as He Breaks Up with His Fiance

In yet another shocking story shared online, a man who is heartbroken by his lover of 2-years, has revealed how he met the shocker of his life after going through his fiance’s phone.
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Below is how a man shared his heartbreaking story on a popular Instagram platform, Break_or_makeup;
Good morning, my life suddenly changed yesterday. My ex fiance has shattered my heart, I grew up among three sisters so guess that has made me a sucker for love.
I just propsed to her last month after two years of dating, i thought all was going fine with us until i stumbled on some chat on her fone with two of her friends…people i cried, apparently I am Mr small dick and guess she was just with me because of the money i spend on her, this is the same lady that will tell me after sex that she had three orgasms and so on.
I am not hurt because of the fact that she faked the orgasms but what is hurting me now is the fact that she lied that she loves me for two whole years of my life……i don’t know where to start from.
She is the second person i have been with all my life…i have planned my future with her and after all that all she sees me as is Mr small dick.
Well oluwashewa mi, i know you will read this,i saw your messages with your friends ,i read all of it and that is why i just walked away i am in a hotel for now till i get myself,but i forgive you and i give you all the things i bought for you including the engagement ring i shouldn’t be doing this on here but i can’t even hear your voice right now oreke you have broken me and i need to tell this to someone.
I am dieing inside, i know i will heal and i will find love again, just please go to the house and pack your things…and please go with the car…..i have told the mechanic to fix it for you.
I wish you happiness and the big dick that you trampled on my love and two wasted years of my life for….thank you so much….tope.