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Shameless Teacher Caught Red-handed Having S*x with a Primary School Pupil in the Bush

A teacher is in serious trouble after he was caught red-handed having s*x with a student in the bush.
*Photo used for illustrative purpose*
A randy school teacher has been exposed after he was caught red-handed having s*x with a pupil in the bush. The incident took place near a bush at the Rugare primary school in Gokwe North of Zimbabwe where the man is a teacher.
B-Metro reports that the teacher identified as Lonias Hove and the girl whose name has been withheld for legal reasons were busted by other pupils of the school in the act.
It was alleged that people have been suspecting the love affair between the two lovebirds before they were caught. According to a source, the pupil was once seen by other pupils shoving her hand into the teacher’s pair of trousers while repeatedly playing with his manhood.
On the day the two were caught, Hove extended the invitation to the girl to meet him in the bush claiming they were just going to chat. While in the bush one thing is said to have led to another when the two lovebirds ended up allegedly engaging in sexual intercourse apparently with the belief that no one was watching them.
“They were not aware, that some suspicious pupils who had spotted them sneaking into the bush had followed them at a distance in a bid to catch them in the act. While in the act, the pupils approached and asked them what they were doing. Out of shame the teacher ran away before those pupils who busted him went and reported the matter confronted the teacher leading the matter to come to the school authorities’ attention,” said a source who requested anonymity for fear of victimisation.
When reached for comment He dismissed the allegations saying it was a smear campaign by his rivals meant to tarnish his image.
“It’s not true. Those allegations are being spread by people who want to tarnish my image. Following the rumours the parents of the girl that I am alleged to have slept with approached me on two different occasions and told them the allegations were not true. Honestly, I did not do that. I think people suspected that I am seeing pupil after I bought her some biscuits together with three other girls after they successfully recited the national pledge,” he said.
Meanwhile, the school headmaster, Obert Utete confirmed the incident and said investigations were in progress.
“The matter is still under investigation. I am still waiting for the report from the investigations committee and once they are complete I will forward the investigations to the district education’s office who will then forward them to the provincial education director’s office who will be in a position to furnish you with details of what would have happened,” said Utete.