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Serious Drama as Angry Woman Catches Her Boyfriend Having Bonking Another Lady



A South African woman identified as Palesa Kale got angry after she caught her man sleeping with another woman.

According to Daily Sun SA, bricks flew like missiles on Saturday night in KwaThema, Ekurhuleni, South Africa, when the angry woman bust her man having an affair.

Palesa Kale, a 32-year-old, said her suspicions turned out to be true when she knocked on the door of her boyfriend’s room and heard him and a woman having fun inside.

When her boyfriend Richard Khumalo, 29, failed to open the door, she launched the first brick through the window. And then she let fly with a few more as Richard and his nyatsi ducked for cover.

Palesa said she knocked hard on the door but Richard still refused to open it.

“I could hear him speaking to the woman inside the room,” said Palesa. “He was having sex with another woman while I’m sleeping alone in my room.

“I was angry because I could hear that they were enjoying themselves. I love this man but I don’t know what got into him.”

Palesa said they have been together for three years and that her boyfriend had been nothing but good to her until he started his cheating ways recently.

“He doesn’t respect me. He put his girlfriend’s photo on his Facebook profile for me to see. I’m hurt.”

Palesa left after neighbours intervened.

But Richard told Daily Sun it was payback time as Palesa had allegedly cheated on him before.

“What goes around comes around. She cheated on me once but now that it is me who’s doing it, she’s squealing,” he said.

Richard said he put the woman’s photo on his Facebook profile just to teach his woman a lesson.

“Palesa doesn’t respect me. I loved her but she took my love for granted.”

Richard said he wasn’t going to open a case because it wouldn’t help anyone.