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See what science has to say about who enjoys sex more between men and women



According to statistics, 75% of men have org@.$m while having S3@.x:’ compared to 26% of women

This has been raging battle for a long time. We have thrown it at the opposite S3@.x:’. Guys have said ladies do less of the work, women enjoy it more. Ladies have also pointed to guys that they achieve org@.$m quicker, so men enjoy S3@.x:’ better than women.

The passing of the bulk is customary to all of us, but what has science have to say about this according to S3@.x:’ expert, Tracey Cox, Mail Online

Men have stronger S3@.x:’ drive

There is the common saying that men think about S3@.x:’ a lot, which is probably true. Men under 60 years of age think about S3@.x:’ at least once a day, while only a quarter of women in the same age say the same.

Men tend to have spontaneous arousal and more fantasies than women. A study conducted by Florida State University discovered that men want more S3@.x:’ from women at all stages of the relationship, so the ladies win on this one. The likely reason for this is that men are biologically programmed to be more powerful and are strongly responsible for passing down their genetic material while women are wired to seek for emotional connection and sexual because of the support they’ll require in taking care of the babies. This isn’t the excuse for men to cheat because they’re hardwired to pass down genetic materials.

We have reviewed a lot about men and their sex:’ drive. It isn’t all bad for ladies, to make up for lower S3@.x:’ drive, women can have multiple org@.$ms, so they have a great time once they start having S3@.x:’. It’s quicker to have org@.$m after they’ve just had one, it’s really quicker to go again. The sensitivity of the clitoris might affect but asides that, it’s good to go! Unlike men who have to take the time to recuperate.

Men also have multiples such as orgasm and ejaculation. Here is the difference between this two; Orgasm men feel happen in the brain, while ejaculation happens when the Pen.!s ejects semen. Men can have both independent of each other, but that’s a topic for another day.

Men org@.$m from penetrative S3@.x:’

Men ideally org@.$ms within 3 to 5 minutes of penetrative S3@.x:’, women take longer like between 10 to 20 minutes taking all conditions into consideration like direct stimulation of the clitoris than regular intercourse.  According to statistics, 75 percent of men always have orgasm while having sex:’ with their partner while just 26 percent of women achieve this. This seems like a fair point for the guy until you introduce oral S3@.x:’ into it for ladies, where statistics have revealed that 81 percent of women achieve org@.$m in S3@.x:’ if it involved oral S3@.x:’

It is also worthy to note that women who have S3@.x:’ with women achieve org@.$m than women who have S3@.x:’ with men.

We all fake orgasms

The regular culprits of these are women but sadly men do it as well. The reasons aren’t as different from the ladies. Guys too get tired or something steals his attention or his dick just went limp. The problem here is that there can be a lack of evidence i.e semen. Men have said women don’t take it lightly when they find out guys faked org@.$m even worse than when he climaxes and they don’t. Women also do it to get over bad ass S3@.x:’.

Men have more direct S3@.x:’ drive than women

We all influenced by peer group, and most importantly religion. For instance, women who go to church are much more sexually conservative compared to churchgoing men and their sexual attitudes. A major study by US Sociologist Edward Laumann discovered that women are more influenced by social and cultural factors than men when it comes to S3@.x:’. While educated women are known to experiment more with S3@.x:’. A quick disclaimer, this doesn’t mean that men are not interested in love, they just see S3@.x:’ as a way to show intimacy. Women like to have the connection first then the S3@.x:’.

For men, it can be that earlier in life, he masturbated so his first experience with sex:’ was a purely physical pleasure, relationships come later whereas for a woman, her first experience of sex:’ is through a relationship.