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See the Horrific Moment a Jaguar Brutally Slayed an Alligator After Pouncing from a River Bank (Photos)

Planet Earth II viewers were shocked and disgusted after ‘killer of killers’, jaguar brutally killed a 10ft-long alligator after pouncing from a river bank and dragging it out by its skull.
A jaguar chomps on the back of a caiman during a dramatic hunt on this week’s Planet Earth II
Viewers were left stunned after a jaguar hunted a caiman by chomping on the back of its head as Planet Earth II headed to the jungle.
Sir David Attenborough took his faithful audience to the lush green forests and jungles of Madagascar and Brazil for the series’ eagerly anticipated third episode.
While this week’s installment moved at a slower pace, it was by no means without drama.
So far viewers have endured a lizard’s nerve-shredding escape as it was hunted by scores of snakes and a female snow leopard being raped on a mountainside – but on tonight’s episode it was another big cat taking centre-stage.
Jaguars, described as the ‘killer of killers’ by Sir David, were seen prowling along the banks of a river in a Brazilian jungle, looking for their next meal.
A slender female had her eyes set on a seemingly helpless pack of capybara swimming and basking in the sun.
The majestic big cat stalked its prey and viewers could feel that this week’s body count was about to climb.
However, just as the cat readied to attack – the wily rodent sensed danger and calmly swam away, living to fight another day.
The female jaguar went hungry, but a male was to have more luck – and it was not the capybara he had in his sights.
The jaguar, with its unmistakable spotted coat, was captured stalking along the river bank before leaping with precision and agility into a bunch of reeds.
After a brief thrashing in the water it came out with a giant reptile lodged in its mouth – another powerful predator of the jungle – a caiman.
Source: Dailymail UK