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See the Dangerous Reptiles Killed on a Working Site in Nigeria (Photos)

A professional plumber on social media has shared photos of a snake and massive monitor lizard he killed at his work site.
The snake killed
The man in question went ahead to share a detailed report about his encounter with the reptiles. Read the report below:
“I am a plumber. I have a job going on a construction site in Ajah where I am posting this from at the moment. My workers and I got to the site this morning to start working, one of the labourers who I asked to bring a sewage pipe screamed out like Sango’s thunder, I rushed to see what happened, and it was a snake crawling out from one of the 4 inches pipes seen in the pictures. I immediately grabbed a big stone and hurled it at the serpent’s head, before I could bend down to pick more stones, other workers on the site have scattered its head in a split second.
“Just 5 minutes later I heard the same guy shouting ‘obe’ ‘obe’ (Obe is SOUP in Yoruba). I went to see what was happening again and he had killed a monitor Lizard. Everyone wanted us to smoke the rare reptile for some garri consumption later in the afternoon, but right now as I type this a man is negotiating to buy the giant lizard for N2,500. The labourer’s daily stipend is N2000. Selling it for N2,500 wont be bad. But I have told the man to check back in one hour.
“But I am thinking, since I am the boss on the site, should I just buy it for like 2k and we all roast it for garri for lunch. What do you think?
“Thanks to my Gionee M5 plus for the clear pictures”
See more photos below: