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See the African Ball Python Killed at a Man’s House (Photos)

A Nigerian man has shared a stunning testimony of how a dangerous Python snake crept into his house at the wee hours of the day.
The African Ball Python killed
An African ball python yesterday went close to biting a unnamed man who was enjoying the fresh air at his compound in the night.
The man who shared his story on a popular online forum escaped death by the whisker.
Read his story below:
“I was sitting in the compound when I saw this creeping creature moving towards me. I quickly look for a look stick to smash it. As plumpy as its, it was very fast and tried attacking me. But I was too fast and smashed its head with the stick. My first attempt of killing a snake. Dunno where I got the power from tonight o cos I fear snake pass lion. I think I would also taste snake meat for the first time”