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See lovely photos of Dangote and his daughters (also 2 things you don’t know about them)


Over the years, many have wondered who the daughters of the richest man in Africa Aliko Dangote are, what they do among others. If you’re thinking such lucky girls would be arrogant and puffed-up, then you need to think again.

Despite being a billionaire and a business mogul, Aliko Dangote has three beautiful daughters Halima Bello (the eldest daughter), Fatima and Mariya Dangote, who known and loved to be down-to-earth and courteous not minding their father’s wealth.

Halima is a graduate of Marketing from the American Intercontinental University, London, and Webster Business School, London. She raised the bar at Webster Business School, London immediately after her first degree to obtain masters of Business Administration. She is also married to Kano-based Sulaiman Sani Bello and they have two beautiful daughters. She currently works with her father as a ‘strategist.’

Halima Dangote Bello with her father, Aliko Dangote.
Halima Dangote Bello with her father, Aliko Dangote.

In April, 2015, Mariya Dangote received a Master’s degree from the Coventry University and has ever since been in close relationship with her father. Despite her rich background, Mariya is calm and would not be found in social gatherings as she prefers to keep a low profile.

And on the other hand, Fatima Dangote who is also one of the daughters of the business mogul is into confectioneries, and she sits atop the Cupcake Factory.

Aliko Dangote with his family during Mariya's graduation in UK.
Aliko Dangote with his family during Mariya’s graduation in the UK.

However the three women have one thing in common and that it the fact that, they all studied in best universities in the United Kingdom (UK) and they can never be seen without covering their heads.

They are all beautiful tho!