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Randy Police Officer R*pes a Class 8 Girl in a Horrific Sexual Assault (Photo)

A shameless police officer has brutally r*ped a little girl in a shocking case of sexual assault.
The worried residents at the police station
A police officer stationed at the Kiambiu Slum Chief’s camp in Eastleigh South of Kenya has brutally r*ped a 14-year-old girl. The incident happened on the night of Tuesday, November 22.
The police officer has been identified as Njogu. The girl has now been rushed to the hospital as angry residents have now invaded the police post asking for the pervert officer to be punished.
It was gathered that the victim was part of the thousands of students who sat for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) earlier in the month.
The shocking incident was brought to public attention by Winny Obure who mobilised Kenyans on her platform to rally for the arrest of Njogu.
“We have been arrested and being put into police cell for asking for the OB no.where an Administration Police defiled a 15year old girl in Kiambiu.
“We are at Shauri Moyo Police Station.” she wrote on Facebook.
“The chiefs lied to me that the perpetrator has been arrested and taken to Shauri Moyo Police Station. I am at the Shauri Police with the OCS,the complainant has lodged a complain, the OCS says investigations are underway and Njogu has not been arrested yet. Seems like they are trying to hide him. #ArrestNjogu NOW! 
#ArrestNjogu” Obure added.
However, it has been learnt that the pervert officer is yet to be arrested over the crime after a chief at the camp lied to the worried residents that he was being held at Shauri Moyo police station.
The OCS at the Shauri Moyo says that investigations into the matter have began.