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Ohio State University on lockdown after 8 people are injured during shootout



The Ohio State University campus has today been put on lockdown after a gun-wielding shooter invaded the campus and sent at least eight people to the hospital. One of those eight patients is in critical condition, authorities report, while the shooter (s) remain at large wreaking havoc on campus.

“Run Hide Fight. Watts Hall. 19th and College.” the school’s emergency management team tweeted.

The first reports of gunshots came from Watts Hall, which is home to the school’s Materials Science and Engineering program.

Since then, though, the focus of law enforcement presence on the campus has been on a nearby parking garage, where the shooter or shooters were believed to be hiding.

Police stormed the garage just before 11am and minutes later they confirmed that one suspect was dead. Two men, one black and one white, were also brought out of the building in handcuffs.

OSU police told The Huffington Post that the situation was active and recommended that people take shelter where they are.

“I was sitting in my dorm room and heard gunshots and 10 seconds later heard sirens,” Stephen Yunker, an OSU freshman, told HuffPost via Twitter. “Looked outside to see a fire truck + cops a couple streets away and a body laying on the ground.”

Others tweeted photos of a body on the ground surrounded by police.

Nine people have been transported from campus, Columbus Fire Department spokeswoman Rebecca Diehm told HuffPost. One person is in critical condition and the rest are stable.

“It was a normal day, walking out of class, nothing really seemed suspicious but we got to an open area but the first thing I heard were screams,” student Sydney Ireland told NewsRadio 610 WTVN. “It sounded like a handgun, everybody was running in every direction they possibly could. I ran into the bathroom, I was able to lock myself in there.”

Students were moved back from the scene as police investigated.

It’s unclear if there are more suspects and the campus remains on lockdown.