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Nigerian Singer Who Proposed to His Lover on the Street of Romania Cries Out After Police Arrested His Fiancee (Video)

A Romanian-based Nigerian musician has cried out for help after police ransacked his house and arrested his fiancee.
Nigerian musician Admiral C4C proposing to his fiancee, Ana Maria in June.
Nigerian musician Admiral C4C who is very popular in Romania has cried out for help after authorities in the country arrested his Romanian fiancee, Ana Maria and extradited her to France.
Explaining how it all started, the singer said the police raided his house on Wednesday, November 9, 2016, in Romainia on the excuse that it was conducting an investigation involving his fiancee.
According to him, the raid lasted nine hours and afterwards his fiancée was detained. She has now been extradited to France. They told him that his fiancee was involved in a criminal business deal which mandated that she be extradited.
He has cried out for help as he insists that his house was ransacked and that his fiancee is innocent. The musician made a video begging people to join him in the call for his fiancee’s release as he explained more details.
The singer had on June 28, 2016, shocked many by proposing to his girlfriend of four years on the streets of Romania. He met the young lady a few years ago at a disco in Cyprus, where she was a member of a dance band, on the mioritical lands, as everyone probably would have expected. Together, they have a boy named Zion.
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