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Nigerian lady shares her experience with “plastic rice” (Watch)


On October 4, 2016, the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), through its spokesman, Wale Adeniyi, warned the citizenry to be on red alert, as intelligence report indicated that some die-hard rice smugglers have begun shipment of plastic rice to Africa from China in what was clearly a selfish move aimed at swelling their profits, regardless of the consequences of their poisonous imports.

Although it seemed like a wild joke at the time, we are now having confirmation as a Nigerian woman who fell victim to this poisonous rice has raised alarm.

She said the rice was cooked and left for few days but failed to decompose even after squeezing it with her hands. She said the rice, which has no aroma, rather expanded and remained dry.

The scary thing is the rice has reportedly been in production in China for up to four years.

Watch the video below