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Nigerian Couple Shares Steamy After S*x Photos on Snapchat Leaving Many People in Shock

Two young Nigerian lovers drunk in love have probably done something that would come back to hunt them after they shared shocking after s*x photos.
The couple shared this steamy after-sex photos
Two Nigerian lovers went crazy on Snapchat by boldly sharing their after-s*x photos to the amazement of their followers. The two who were snapchatting damned all consequences and showed off their photos and videos for people to see as the girl joyfully flaunted her boobs.
The girl Stella, probably crazy in love first hid her breasts before opening all for the camera. The two who have now become a trending topic online have shown how people misuse social media just for instant fame.
Their photos are now trending as many consider their ‘bold’ gesture as stupid that might hurt them in the future.