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My Mother Keeps Dipping Her Finger into My Private Part to Check My Virginity Status – University Student Cries Out

A young lady has shared a rather stunning story about the trauma she has been subjected to by her mother.
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The young lady shared her story on Daily Post, telling stunned readers about what her mother does to her.
She revealed that although she is 19 an already in the university, she is keeps being checked by her mother to see if she is still a virgin.
Needless to say, this has left her traumatized.
Below is what she wrote:
I am a girl of 19 years. I just got admitted into one of the private universities in North Central studying Banking and Finance.
My parents broke up when I was barely 3 years so I didn’t really spend much time with my dad, who is already married to another woman overseas.
My mum is so protective that whenever she sees me standing with a male friend she would want to beat the hell out of me.
He told me that my dad used sugar-coated mouth to deceive her and put her in the family way, which made her to drop out from school.
She warned me never to have anything to do with a man till I’m married.
Inasmuch as I buy into her counsel, I am tired of this constant embarrassment and harassment from her each time she sees me talking to any guy.
She made sure I don’t have any guy on my social media friends list.
Lately, she started this funny attitude of deeping her fingers into my vagina in the name of checking if I am still a virgin or not.
The last time, while she was doing this, I bled seriously and she acted as if nothing was happening.
For goodness sake, if I want to flirt around, all what she’s is doing won’t stop me. I am tired.
I know she would read this and she should be ready to welcome a grandchild because I will shock her by getting pregnant any time soon.
My name is Sally.