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Man Breaks into a 70-year-old Woman’s House at Night…What He Did to Her is Shocking

A man has gotten much more than he bargained for after storming an old woman’s home to sexually assault her.
The man was caught after raping the old woman
A 30-year-old man has been arrested by the police.
He was arrested for r*ping an old woman in her home.
He was first caught and given a taste of street justice by the residents of Phake in Mpumalanga, where he committed the crime.
According Daily Post, Warrant Officer Nhlanhla Kgosana, revealed that the man broke into the house of a 70-year-old grandmother in the early hours of Sunday morning and allegedly r*ped her.
When he was done he took some of the gogo’s valuables and tried to flee.
But the old woman screamed and woke up her neighbours. They found the man hiding in her house.
The angry residents did not wait for the law to take its course, but took matters into their own hands and beat the man up.
He was rescued by police who were working in the area.
The victim’s 55-year-old sister said the old woman has not stopped crying since the incident.
She said: “She doesn’t want to eat or speak to anyone. She won’t leave her bedroom. I am scared that the stress will kill her. The man who r*ped her is a coward. Why couldn’t he find a girlfriend to have s*x with?”
Kgosana said the man was taken to Mmametlhake Hospital for treatment.
He was later arrested and charged with rape. He appeared in the Mbibane Magistrates Court and the matter was postponed until Monday for a bail application.