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Lady shares story about why 2 guys fought over her

A lady has shared an interesting story of her love triangle with her different partners. It’s entertaining and a must read!

Arit was having a relaxed conversation with her boyfriend, Jide in her bedroom when she heard some disturbing movements in her living room.

Alarmed it could be armed robbers, she shushed Jide and hurried to bolt the bedroom door. Before she could, however, the door flew open revealing an angry man looking fit to murder! “My heart sank and I became afraid for my life and Jide’s”, confessed Arit. For the man who just stormed her bedroom was Moses, her married lover of 10 years with whom she had a son.

Yet, when she first met Moses, her older friends were a bit skeptical about the relationship. Arit was already in her late 20s and feared she would be left on the shelf so she opted for second best. Over the years, she’d had her chances at love had even been engaged to a man she later jilted because he wasn’t as educated as she was.

Moses was all she wanted in a man – only he was married with children. But he spoilt her rotten, moved her into a bigger flat and helped her get a more secure job in a consulting firm.

Her fate was sealed when she got pregnant a couple of years after they met. By which time Moses’ darker side was unfolding. “Suddenly. it seemed anything I did was wrong.” Arit had complained. “He was always criticising my food, the way I ran the house and the revealing clothes I wore. It was during this period that I got pregnant and tried to compromise – I wanted a child very badly. Foolishly. I thought the child would change him.”

My lovely clothes were replaced with the frumpy ones he favoured. After I had our son, he became more controlling. If he could do this to me when we were not really married, only God knew what his wife was going through. He must have cowed her to the extent that she dared not complain about his relationship with me. I was always on my guard when I went out with him in case any man gave me unnecessary attention.

Some months back, at one of my family’s dos, I ran into a childhood friend and he joked about how much crush he had on me in the past. We’d both been at school together, but he now joked it was a pity I was already taken or he would have rekindled our relationship. We all knew it was all talk but I was fearful of how Moses would react.

“Suddenly, Moses said it was about time we went and I rushed to the car with him, desperate to stop his smouldering temper before it erupted. When I got into the passenger seat, he roared off as if possessed by the devil. He’d sent the driver home and I became terrified, begging him to slow down. At my place, he shoved me into the flat then, Wham! He punched me so hard in the face that I fell in the nearest chair.

‘Cheap woman,’ he bellowed, hitting me again and again until I made a dash for the bedroom, intending to lock myself in. If the house-help heard anything, she didn’t let on. Thank goodness my son was fast asleep. Moses grabbed hold of my hair and the lovely expensive extensions I just put in it and yanked me back, punching me some more. Out of desperation, I made for the front door praying he hadn’t locked it.

“It was a relief when the door flew open and I dashed into the street. A few of the neighbours were around having drinks in front of the house, so I ran towards them. It wasn’t the first time they’d noticed Moses’ violence towards me, but it was the first time they saw blood oozing out of a gash in my cheek. The terrible truth about what they thought was my perfect ‘marriage’ was finally out for all of them to see. It wasn’t a pleasant sight. It was ugly and rotten.

“That was when I decided I should hang on to whatever shred of pride I had left. A few days later, I told him I didn’t want anything to do with him. To punish me, he refused to send our monthly allowance and to pay the rent when it was due. But I have a good job and called his bluff. Anything was worth this peace of mind that I currently enjoyed. With time, I met Jide, a widower and we started going out.

“This was some six months after breaking off with Moses. Jide was everything my ex wasn’t. He visited with presents and took me to nice restaurants. It was at dinner in a small restaurant that I sort of sensed eyes boring into my back. I turned round and it was Moses. His face was like thunder but I ignored him. He couldn’t hurt me now, or so I thought.

“Only, a few weeks after, he’d let himself into my flat with his spare key. It never occurred to me to change the lock. Jide sprang up at the intrusion. He was in his V-front and vest.

Moses sneered at him. ‘Sit down,’ he barked. Jide did as he was told. Sitting down on the bed, he spoke to Jide as if to a child: ‘Now, when you came into this bedroom, and saw that family photograph of me and my wife and son, did you think it was for show?’ Jide kept mum, his face deadpan.

Moses went on: ‘You sit down now, drinking beer from a mug. Did Arit tell you she was a beer drinker? And if she were, would she be drinking it out of a mug?’ On and on he went until Jide had had enough. ‘Now look here,’ he cautioned. But before he got any further, Moses gave him a wack. Jide was furious. He flew at him and gave him the beating of his life. Again, I ran into the street and, this time, two of the men in the front house came with me and broke up the fight.

“Moses now looked the worse for wear and was actually subdued. Jide had almost frog-marched him to the street, punching him all the time until 1 showed up with the men. Moses hurried to his car, muttering he didn’t want a scandal. The coward that he was, he couldn’t handle being confronted. But he was back a few days after, wanting to see his son. I told him it was impossible. Looking at him, I hated him as passionately as I’d one loved him and he must have seen that in my eyes.

“I told him I wanted nothing to do with him ever again. As for his son, he would see the lad when he’d grown up. No man would use a child to abuse me ever again! Jide and I are an item now but I’m not rushing into anything. He understands and says there’s no pressure, that he’d wait as long as I needed. We’ve talked about marriage and having children as he has only two from his first marriage. I have no problem with that. Only, this time around, I intend to look really well before I leap … “

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DJ Cuppy issues a message to all her exes

DJ Cuppy

Nigerian DJ and Billionaire Businessman, Otedola’s daughter, DJ Cuppy has taken to Instagram to share a message to her exes, a move many have interpreted as ‘we’re never getting back together’.

DJ Cuppy who held a glass of champagne in the photo she shared, wrote;


“Dear Exes, You Used To Be My Cup Of Tea… But I Drink Champagne Now!  #CuppyOnAMission”

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“How my husband raped my best friend” – Woman tells shocking story

An angry woman has told the shocking story of how her husband was found out to have r*ped her own best friend in his home.

The woman, identified as Rukayat, told the story in a letter she sent to Vanguard.

Below is how she told the story:

“I was fresh out of the university when I found myself pregnant at age 22. I didn’t want to get married, but my boyfriend then was 30 years old and persuaded me we should get married for the child’s sake.

“The marriage turned out to be a nightmare as he became controlling and violent. I endured his abuse for 15 years and with three children, I finally found the courage to leave him – thanks to my best friend’s encouragement.

“I was to finally go to the house to collect the rest of my things and my friend agreed to go with me for moral support. Unfortunately, she arrived before I got there. My husband was in, in spite of his telling me he wouldn’t be around.

“He invited my friend in to wait for me and attacked her almost immediately, raping her in the process. When I eventually turned up, we both went to the police and got him arrested. Later, relatives and friends convinced us to drop the charges because of the children.

“My friend never spoke to me again and as soon as she could, she got transferred to another state. If I’d left my ex sooner, my friend might never have gone through the nasty experience of being violated. I blame myself for the trauma she went through.”

Rukayat got a reply after her story was read. Below is the reply:

“Dear Rukayat,

“I’m sorry for what happened to your best friend and it is sad you were unable to be reconciled before she relocated.

“Please know that what happened to her was not your doing. You are a victim just as she was and you need support in realising this.

“You did the best you could by reporting the incident. You’ve lost your best friend as well as your marriage.

“You need counselling to get over your losses and make the most of your life as the single parent you now are.”

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“I’m having s*x with my mother-in-law and it’s amazing” – Man confesses

I’m having an incredible and explosive s*xual affair with my mum-in-law, and the s*x is so amazing and I can’t stop…man shares the story online.

A young man has written to a popular s*x and relationship therapist, Deidre, who is also a columnist for The Sun UK newspaper about his addiction to s*xual intercourse with his mother-in-law after an explosive bonking one afternoon which got him hooked to her honey pot.

Below is his story;


Dear Deidre,

I’m having a secret affair with my mother-in-law. She is almost twice my age and we have fabulous s*x.

I got married three years ago. I’m 26 and my wife is a gorgeous Italian girl. She’s 25. When I first went to her house I couldn’t believe her mum’s age. She is 44.

My then wife-to-be told me, proudly, that all her boyfriends had fancied her mum. It seemed a strange thing to say.

That’s the odd thing about marrying someone from another culture — there’s so much that’s different and strange that I didn’t know what to believe. Her mum owns a restaurant.

It’s a small, classy place and my mother-in-law took it on when my wife’s dad passed away. She’s a very smart woman who knows how to run a good business and still have time off to have fun.

My wife covers for her in the restaurant alternate weekends and that’s when her mother is free to see me.

The first time it happened she came to our house where I was alone with our two-year-old son. She said she was checking that I was behaving myself while my wife was away.

I poured her a drink and she pulled up her skirt while she sat next to me. I caught sight of stockings, all lacy and black. That’s something my wife knows I just can’t resist.

We had a couple more drinks then I couldn’t hold back anymore. We had s*x on the sofa while my son slept upstairs.

This is now quite a regular thing. We’ve progressed from suspenders and stockings to bondage and real kinky stuff like I’ve only ever dreamed of before.

I’ve never had this kind of s*x with anyone else and I know I won’t get it again. The s*x is up there in a league of its own but then so is the guilt.

I know this must stop but my willpower is weak.


Below is the reply he got from the relationship expert;

Are you asking for advice or boasting about what you have been up to?

You know what to do.

You must tell your mother-in-law that it’s all been amazing but you must stop now or your son and your wife, the two people you should love the most, will get desperately hurt.

Take control of your life and please don’t let your lust get the better of you.

Maybe you’re fooling yourself that your wife wouldn’t mind.

I bet that she would.

How is your s*x life together?

Show her what you like but also focus on her.

Let go of other distractions and start giving your marriage the attention and love it deserves.

My e-leaflet How To Thrill a Woman in Bed can help.

Above all, think of yor son. Do your utmost to give him the calm loving home he deserves.


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