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Lady gives her suitors the fake number of a guy who then taunts them (Photos)


This had me laughing like a hyena! You know, here in Nigeria, when a guy takes a lady’s number, he immediately tries the number to make sure the number is correct, so most times we don’t give the dude a wrong number because he is sure to find out there and then.
However, the guys yonder obodo oyibo have not yet learnt this trick, so they keep falling flat.

A lady named ‘Brandy, who is obviously beautiful as she seems to have so many admirers decided that the best way to handle her admirers is by giving them the wrong number. Unfortunately, the wrong number she chose is a guy’s real number.

The guy posted some of the messages he has been receiving from Brandy’s suitors. The cheeky guy has been having fun messing with them while pretending to be Brandy.

See the chats below

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