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Ladies! Check out these 6 foods that are good for your private parts



There is a possibility that the food you’re eating is affecting your female member, here are the good stuff you need

Our diet affects our body in different ways. The same way we can eat to gain weight unknowingly is the same way we can eat to lose weight as well.

There is a possibility that the food you’re eating is affecting your female member, and it has diverse effects like it being drier, smelly or even wetter.

Your lady part doesn’t require much to keep it clean, forget what those adverts say, they’re only trying to bait you into buying their products. It’s also good to know which foods that can help make your Pu.$$y healthier. Some of the foods the dick makes a crossover here too.

Here are 8 foods that are very good for your lady part according to Bianca Mendez, Eat This, Not That

1. Water

Don’t be shocked water made the list and it’s at number 1. Drinking water is quite the best thing you can to your Pu.$$y. “Hydration is key for overall health, but also for proper functioning of the vagina which has its own self-cleaning system,” says Diana Hoppe, MD. “Adequate water intake will increase lubrication, allow secretions to be released and proper PH balance of vaginal tissues.”

2. Sweet Potatoes

First thought is aren’t everything sweet bad for you? Well, you might be right to an extent but for Sweet potatoes, it’s loaded with Vitamin A,that strengthens muscle tissue for a healthier vagina wall, according to Bjork and Taub-Dix.

3. Carrot

Not only are they quite crunchy to devour, researchers found flavonoid luteolin in carrot, cabbage and pepper, this helps reduces the risk of ovarian cancer by 34%. So, start eating.

3. Banana

This is very good for guys, banana contains a lot of potassium that can help in counteracting the effects of consuming food high in sodium. Salty food can make you feel bloated and also lower blood flow in the body, which can make it too difficult to achieve orgasm.

4. Garlic

According to Hoppe, Garlic can help fight yeast infection because of its anti-microbial properties. You don’t have to consume it raw, just add it to your meal, it will provide good care for your vagina.

5. Vitamin C

In a study done in 2013, women that consumed vaginal tablet of ascorbic acid after they got treated for bacterial vaginosis have reduced the risk of getting the infection again. Foods that have high vitamin C such as citrus fruits, strawberries and so on help to up the immune system and fight vaginal infections.

6. Red wine

Wine is also very good for your Pu.$$y. It helps with the libido. Women that consume wine have been known to have heightened sexual desire compared to those who don’t. It is also high in flavonoid content that can help with ovarian cancer prevention.