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“Igbo guys are the best husbands” – Lady lists all her reasons


An excited Nigerian woman has taken to her Facebook page to list the numerous reasons why Igbo men make the best husbands and boyfriends.

According to Victoria Onwuchekwa, Igbo men know how to ‘sex a woman’ in the bedroom and spoil her with  love and goodies, amongst other reasons. Read what she wrote below and tell us if you agree!

Forget we yab Igbo men o.
Igbo men are the best!

Husband material 👍
How to sex a woman in the bedroom 👍
How to spoil a woman with love and goodies 👍
They make the best inlaw to their in-laws 👍

They will not do you surprise package and marry second wife unlike other tribes, no
matter what they will be with you till the end (just don’t cheat sha but some are known to forgive their cheating wives o but that is story for another day).

Our men sef are not enough for Us cause nowadays middlebelt women be dragging them with us……….even calabar women sef( my sister if calabar woman hol your Igbo boyfriend, please just forget it, lick your wounds and move on, calabar woman grip they very strong o)don join dey drag our men with us.

If I come back again to this world, I will still marry an Igbo man.
They are second to none.
The best-est!.