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Ice Prince’s Girlfriend Parades Hot Boobs in Bikini Photos

Maima Kwewa has flaunted her banging body in alluring bikini photos as she went swimming with the son of her boyfriend, Jamal Panshak Zamani.
Maima Nkewa
Maima Nkewa, the half-caste girlfriend of popular Nigerian rapper, Ice Prince Zamani hit the beach over the weekend with her boyfriend’s son, Jamal.

Maima who rocked a s*xy black bikini had soon much fun with Jamal, that she had to save some of the moments online despite how revealing they appeared.

Reports have it that Maima is of dual citizenship – France and Ghana to be precise. Her romance with Ice Prince was shook to its foundation when Maima’s alleged secret relationship with an Abuja millionaire leaked online to spite the rapper who was broken by the news.
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