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Husband Shockingly Finds Out Wife Has Been Cheating After Taking Her Phone for Repairs (Photos)

A businessman has been left in shock after discovering that his wife has been sleeping with a married man behind his back.
Moses Munesi  is a bitter man after discovering the affair.
A husband has been left in shock after discovering that his wife has been cheating on her. The grieving husband found out after taking his wife’s phone for repairs. The incident happened in Zimbabwe.
According to a H-metro report, Charles Majongwe’s illicit affair with Chenai Mirairo Jeyacheya came to light after the woman’s husband Moses Munesi discovered the two intimate photographs taken with the wife’s phone he went to repair after it developed a fault.
Charles and Chenai are reported to have been seeing each other behind their partners’ back whenever Moses left the country for business in South Africa.
Moses told H-Metro that Chenai forgot to remove the memory card after he took the phone for repair leading him to discover the photographs and love messages the two were sending each other.
“It was better for this soldier to stab my body for it heals than to leave my heart with a wound that will last a life time by cheating with my wife,” said Moses.
“I am a cross-border and I do not take more than a week to visit and come back but this gunman wrecked my marriage that I am prepared to approach the courts of law to help settle the matter.
“He was trained to be disciplined and has failed, he married but is still shooting in other people’s ‘private land’.
“His fellows are safeguarding the nation when he is busy ruining what he is expected to preserve, I think the judiciary is the best place since I am only a civilian.
“I discovered love text messages in the phone and I took both my mobile phones that my wife was using and informed my in-laws about this.
The photo found in the woman’s phone showing their cheating secret
“We have been together for the past nine years and I do not know when my wife started undressing for other men,” said Moses sorrowfully.Charles could neither confirm nor deny the story saying he would give his side of the story after viewing the photographs.
“I have not seen the photographs yet my brother but for the past two days my phone was busy from callers enquiring about the issue,” said Moses.
“I will give my comment after viewing the photographs as for now I do not know anything about what you are talking about,” he added.
Chenai could not be reached for comment by the time of going to print.