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How long should one wait before having sex in a new relationship?

Sometimes, the difference between a successful relationship and a failed on is timing. It is not simply about the time you meet your partner, the timing of other activities such as getting married, making love, having kids and so on will matter a lot.

The decision for when to have S3@.x:’ is usually dependent on each person. There are people who have S3@.x:’ on the first date, after a few weeks, months and some even wait until marriage.

Young African American Couple Walking In Countryside

The main problem with this question is that there is no one answer or one formula. People who sleep together on the first date can go on to have a successful relationship and those who wait until marriage could end up unhappy. Just as with everything else, nothing is for certain.

The main thing you have to ask yourself is, do you want to have S3@.x:’ and are you emotionally/practically prepared? If your answer to both is yes, then have at it.

Listen to these people’s experience on the matter.


I have S3@.x:’ as soon as possible. S3@.x:’ is important to me. I do not want to waste time waiting for years only to realise we are not sexually compatible.

African American couple talking together on couch


I am old-fashioned. I will wait a while and also make sure she is not dating anyone else before we go all the way.”


It depends. I never follow any specific rules. Sometimes, I have S3@.x:’ on the first date and other times, I can wait months. It has never affected my relationship one way or another.”


I let the kissing determine. If we have gotten very comfortable with kissing and being together, then I know it’s time.”

What is your own view on the matter?

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DJ Cuppy issues a message to all her exes

DJ Cuppy

Nigerian DJ and Billionaire Businessman, Otedola’s daughter, DJ Cuppy has taken to Instagram to share a message to her exes, a move many have interpreted as ‘we’re never getting back together’.

DJ Cuppy who held a glass of champagne in the photo she shared, wrote;


“Dear Exes, You Used To Be My Cup Of Tea… But I Drink Champagne Now!  #CuppyOnAMission”

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Davido gets haircut in honour of his cult group, Neo Black Movement aka “Black Axe”


“IF’ Crooner, Davido, has taken to social media to share photos of the new haircut which has ‘7’ on it, in honor of his cult group, Neo Black Movement a.k.a Black Axe. The photo also came with cult slangs.

Some of his cult group members, who saw this posted some cult slang comments to show support and solidarity. Here’s what we saw;






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Fans react angrily to Tonto Dikeh’s latest interview about Churchill

Some say it’s an advert, others say it’s not!

The comments seen under a video of Actress Tonto Dikeh speaking about someone many have fingered to be Churchill has shown that fans are tired of the messy details of what crashed Tonto Dikeh’s marriage to estranged husband,  begging that the actress and her estranged hubby should stop harassing them with updates about their failed marriages and its aftermath!

Tonto Dikeh

House of Maliq published an Interview yesterday in which the actress talked about her failed marriage with estranged hubby, Dr Olakunle Churchill – And still repeated the same thing again, that he beat her, violently attacked her, etc..

A lot of fans blew hot, saying she thinks this is a movie, some adding that all she does is drama, drama and more drama – Checkout some of the comments below and the interview video;

Tonto DikehTonto DikehTonto DikehTonto Dikeh

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