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Guys beware! 9 signs a lady might cheat on you


It is no news that when we talk about cheating spouses, a lot of us argue that men are more likely to cheat than women. It is believed that men need to “sow their oats” and all that. But science begs to differ.

A new scientific study has shown that women are more genetically programmed to seek mates outside of their partners.

According to the professor who led the research, “Early woman would have seen having an affair as ‘mate insurance. If their current partner died or could no longer provide protection and resources, a backup plan was essential to survival.”

This article also shows some characteristics of women that are likely to stray.

1. She has faked orgasm

If a woman finds it easy to deceive her partner in the bedroom by faking orgasm very regularly, she is more likely to cheat.

2. Her age ends in 9

There is something about a woman when she nears a decade year that makes her more likely to seek comfort outside her partner.

3. She has cheated in the past

It was found that 62 percent of women who have cheated in past relationship admit cheating in their current one.

4. Checks social media more than five times a day

Women who spend a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook are more likely to cheat. This might be because a few of them mentally bring others into their relationship or because these social media sites provide thousands of opportunities.

5. She earns less than her man

There is something about a man earning so much more than a woman that will make her feel powerless. She might see cheating as a way to restore the power.

6. She is dishonest

If someone finds it easier to lie and be dishonest whenever the situation suits them, they are more likely to cheat.

7. She likes surprises

Someone who always seeks something new and loves to be surprise might have the urge to get that surprise in means outside her relationship.

8. Her ring finger is longer than her index finger

A study by Oxford University found that having a long ring finger means you are statistically more promiscuous and more inclined to commit adultery. It was revealed the length shows the amount of male hormones, mainly testosterone, a person is exposed to in the womb. Elevated testosterone has been linked to increased likelihood of having an affair.

9. She finds it easy to switch off emotions

If it is possible for her to have sex without getting emotionally attached, then she probably has a higher sex drive and is very likely to cheat.


If 7 or more of these above tips is true for a woman, she is fantasising about cheating or already cheating. If the number is between 4-6, then it means she is likely to be easily tempted. 3 or fewer? Then she is unlikely to step out on her relationship.