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Ghanaian Lady Offers Free S*x to President Mahama, Vows to Passionately Satisfy Him (Video

A woman from Ghana has asked the President to have s*x with her as she has fallen deeply in love with him.
The woman begged the president to come and have sex with her
A Ghanaian lady is trending on social media after she publicly begged the president to come and have s*x with her. The woman identified as Adoley says she is in love with President John Mahama of Ghana and can satisfy him sexually.
In a 50 seconds video posted by Ghana Celebrities News, Adoley while wearing Mahama’s campaign dress spoke in her local dialect inviting the president to a passionate s*x treat.
‘Oh Mahama, I am just looking for you to fondle you and squeeze you, aaaaah.  You are a real man. What do you want from me? My breasts, my buttocks, my thighs or my ‘tonga’?  Come and enjoy them for free and go. Even if you won’t pay me, come and enjoy me and go. I, Adoley, I am asking you to come and enjoy ‘tonga’ for free and go,’ Adoley said.
Watch video below: